Cheers Bundle: Shot Glass + Bottle Opener

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These are two of our most popular ordered items so we figured we'd bundle them together to offer some savings! Cheers to that!


Our shot glass: 

Sized to hold 1.5 fluid ounces, this fan-favorite collectible shot glass features our classic Dog The Bounty Hunter logo in black.

  • Glass
  • Printed
  • Holds 1.5 oz.
  • Hand-washing recommended


Our bottle opener: 

  • Stainless Steel
  • Bottle opener function
  • Fits in wallet credit card slot
  • Durable construction

With this stainless steel credit card size bottle opener, you'll never meet a beer you can't open. These Dog the Bounty Hunter bottle openers slide right into one of your wallet or billfold's credit card slots. They're convenient. You always know where they are. And they get the job done.

Interestingly, they also get a second, unintended job done: they keep your credit cards from flexing. If you keep your wallet in your back pocket, you know the heartbreak of snapping a card when you sit on it one too many times. This stainless steel basically acts as a reinforcer, protecting your credit cards from your weight.

Fun to pull out at parties, this bottle opener is thin and light but still strong and sturdy. You won't encounter any problems taking it through security devices at airports or sporting events. 
And you'll never tear another shirt struggling to open a bottle again.