The Bounty Hunter Team

The Bounty Hunter Team

Duane "Dog" Chapman

Beth Chapman

Duane ``Dog`` Chapman - Dog is ready to take his team and catch his most wanted fugitives. Beth used to keep Dog under control. There is a new Dog in town and the fugitives better beware... he is coming for you with a vengence! Beth Chapman - A fierce huntress not to be messed with! Dog always said... ``I don't need a weapon, I have Beth``. Beth is still with us in spirit guiding us to the fugitives.

Leland Chapman Kaleo Padilla
Leland Chapman - Special Appearances - The next generation of the Chapmans creating his own legacy! Leland is a dedicated hunter and once he has his sights on you... You Are Done! Kaleo Padilla - When there is trouble Beth would always yell for Kaleo. He has a kind heart and a hard hit. His nickname is One Slap for a very good reason. One Slap and you are done!


Sonny Westbrook Cecily Barmore
Sonny Westbrook - A gentle giant with true aloha in his heart. Family first and boxing second. Sonny has been boxing since the age of 8 with National Golden Gloves Championships. His nickname is One Whack... Medevac Cecily Barmore - Beth's true mini-me! When there is business or fugitives to take care of, Cecily can step right into Beth's shoes. She is well versed in the business of bail and helps run the family business ``Da Kine Bail`` in Hawaii.


David Robinson Rainy Robinson
 David Robinson - Working with the Chapmans for almost a decade, David specializes in the tech aspect of hunting. It is hard to unplug from technology these days and David will use that to find you! Rainy Robinson – Undoubtedly one of the smartest women out there. With many degrees and successful business startups, there is very little that will slide past her. The fugitives don’t stand a chance trying to talk their way out. Rainy will cut right through their stories and lure them in!
Dakota Chapman Garry Chapman
Dakota Chapman - Leland's oldest son, Dakota is following in his father’s footsteps. He has learned much from his family about hunting fugitives. Dakota is a lightning fast runner. If the fugitive runs, good luck on getting away from Dakota! Garry Chapman - AKA Garry Boy - has grown up watching his parents arrested thousands of fugitives. Many remember the little blond kid. Garry is now 18 years old, 6'4`` and 250lbs! He has hunting fugitives in his blood and is pursuing a career in law enforcement.


 Cobie Chapman Jamie Chapman
Cobie Chapman - Leland’s youngest son and the newest hunter in the family. Cobie is just getting introduced to hunting but has the whole team showing him the ropes. We have no doubt he will be successful in tracking the fugitives down. Jamie Chapman - Wife to Leland Chapman, Jamie helps Leland with his case files. She is excellent at gathering information and generating new leads. Jamie is essential to Leland’s success at work and at home. Fun Fact - Leland has been known to use Jamie as bait to catch a few guys 🙂